Creating Conversations on Gender Just Communities

The Institute for Justice and Reconciliation believes that without the adoption and application of a gender lens to any justice and peace-building initiatives, violence and structural oppression will continue to be further embedded, and reconciliation initiatives will not bear fruit. As such, the IJR launched its Gender Justice and Reconciliation Project in 2015 as a response to gender injustice and oppression, and to explore ways that would effectively combat and dismantle gender-based violence and injustice. The GJR seeks to contribute to the current gender discourse, to empower, to develop skills and contribute to knowledge, to build capacity, and to enhance engagement in the South African healing and reconciliation space. As such, GJR creates platforms, offers training and gives support for those who are currently active in their communities and spheres of influence. This report is, thus, a product of the various dialogues and interventions that were held across the country during May 2015 and December 2016, and discusses and reflects on the root causes of gender and related injustices. This report is a critical reflection of GJR’s piloting methodologies and dialogue questions, as well as an attempt to think through the next steps to achieving gender justice and reconciliation. It is our hope that those who read this report will find inspiration and insight into the gender work that GJR does in South Africa.