Africa’s Democratic Decay

The optimism washed in by the third wave of democracy has seen a receding tide and with it a gradual decay of democratic institutions. Across the continent, we are forced to uncouple the terms ‘democracy’ from ‘freedom’ and ‘democratic institutions’. Whilst many African countries continue to uphold the mirage of [...]

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Upcoming Webinar: Education, Racism and Social Cohesion

IJR is regularly asked to intervene in schools, both public and private, to assist with incidents of racism or persistent structural racism in schools.  It would seem that while the country has a great constitution, the education systems which exist have not been transformed.  We often hear pupils and teachers alike [...]

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Upcoming Webinar: In Conversation With Communities – Episode 3

IJR continues its exciting webinar series entitled "In Conversation with Communities" with the upcoming third installment featuring members of the Siyakha Forum. You are welcome to join us on Tuesday 29 September, 2020, 2pm. Link to join:

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Webinar Series: In Conversation With Communities

We invite you to come and listen to what South Africans on the ground are saying today, and to open yourself to be challenged and inspired by their words. The SCM webinar series will be a culmination of 2-8 years’ of dialoguing, relationship building, and skills capacitation between the SCM project and [...]

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The SADC will regret its approach to Mozambique’s insurgence

On June 25 Mozambique celebrated 45 years of independence from Portugal that came as a result of a combination of factors including the fall of dictatorship in Lisbon through a military coup in 1974 that ended the country’s colonial conquest, and a decade-long liberation struggle led by Front for the [...]

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Pandemic-induced human rights violations a double tragedy to humanity

The dreaded Covid-19 pandemic sweeping across the world has already affected all aspects of our lives in ways that are not only still unfolding, but will be with us for a very long time. Coronavirus is spreading across the world at such a ferocious speed that globally almost 11 500 [...]

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SA is a country of two nations – and evictions lay bare its injustices

Bulelani Qolani was bathing yesterday when he was forcefully removed from his home in Khayelitsha by the anti-land invasion unit of the City of Cape Town. The only discernible difference between the dehumanising evictions that occurred under apartheid and what happened on Wednesday is that the latter was filmed and shared [...]

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IJR Media Statement: Dehumanising Evictions in Khayelitsha

Attention Media Houses: For Immediate Release 02 July 2020 IJR Media Statement: Dehumanising Evictions in Khayelitsha The Institute for Justice and Reconciliation (IJR) condemns the dehumanising evictions that have occurred in Khayelitsha over the last two days. In an especially callous incident, the anti-land invasion unit from the City of [...]

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Protecting Lives and Livelihoods – Views from the Inclusive Economies Project

As the country moves to level 3 of lockdown, the opening up of the economy comes as a welcome relief to all South African’s, including the most economically marginalised. While the Covid-19 crisis spreads through the country, the media has put on raging narrative inducing a dichotomy of lives vs livelihoods. Yet, whichever side of the debate you buy into, it is always the most vulnerable segments of society that will bear a disproportionate burden of losses to both lives and livelihoods.

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