Peacebuilding Interventions Programme

The IJR Peacebuilding Interventions Programme is positively contributing towards empowering African countries to design, develop and drive their own transitional justice processes. Transitional justice includes a broad range of processes and interventions, which includes bringing former enemies together to dialogue and pursue redress for past injustices, which is necessary to the building of fair, inclusive and democratic societies in Africa. Despite the formal adoption of the African Union Transitional Justice Policy (AUTJP), the policy has not been fully engaged with and it is currently not being sufficiently utilised by African Union member states to guide their own internal gender-sensitive transitional justice and peacebuilding processes. This Programme is directly contributing towards achieving this impact by improving the understanding and strengthening the capacity of African governmental, inter-governmental and civil soceity actors to frame and implement their own transitional justice and peacebuilding processes.

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Sustained Dialogues Programme

The Sustained Dialogues Programme works to acknowledge, confront and engage – through dialogue – enduring legacies that continue to marginalize, wound and cause injustice. Using innovative and creative methodologies, Sustained Dialogues works to overcome these barriers through meaningful initiatives to foster and sustain reconciliation within and between individuals and communities. Sustained Dialogues takes a deliberate and thoughtful approach in our work to make societal transformation and reconciliation positive. Our achievements for 2016 are reported against each Medium-Term Outcome (MTO) set by IJR. SD Programme projects worked towards influencing all MTOs to varying degrees.

Communication, Advocacy & Strategy Programme

The Communication, Advocacy and Strategy programme at the IJR drives all cross-cutting issues within the organisation, works closely with programmes and assists with planning, coordination and fundraising capacity.

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Research and Policy Programme

Through original public opinion research and enquiry about the linkages between development, social cohesion, and reconciliation, the Research and Policy (RP) Programme of the IJR, seeks to provide an empirical basis for the organisation’s interventions, and the policy positions that it champions across the African continent.

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