Justice and Peacebuilding Programme (JPB)

The Justice and Peacebuilding Programme (JPB) works to develop and implement initiatives that contribute to the building of fair, democratic, and inclusive societies. JPB seeks to achieve a creative balance between justice and reconciliation, development and human security, as well as contributing to the reconstruction of countries ravaged by war and oppression. The programme facilitates this through three complimentary and mutually supportive levels: engaged research and analysis, capacity building and collaborative political intervention.

Sustained Dialogues Programme

The Sustained Dialogues Programme works to acknowledge, confront and engage – through dialogue – enduring legacies that continue to marginalize, wound and cause injustice. Using innovative and creative methodologies, BIS works to overcome these barriers through meaningful initiatives to foster and sustain reconciliation within and between individuals and communities. BIS takes a deliberate and thoughtful approach in our work to make societal transformation and reconciliation positive. Our achievements for 2016 are reported against each Medium-Term Outcome (MTO) set by IJR. BIS Programme projects worked towards influencing all MTOs to varying degrees.