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The Institute for Justice and Reconciliation shapes national approaches to transitional justice and reconciliation in Africa.



Afrobarometer Pan-Africa Profile release: New data on freedom and civic space from 34 countries

Afrobarometer Pan-Africa Profile release: New data on freedom and civic space from 34 countries You are cordially invited to Afrobarometer's release of new data and analysis on freedom and civic space in Africa. The fifth of Afrobarometer’s Round 7 Pan-Africa Profile releases, organized in collaboration with Civicus, Freedom House and the Mail and Guardian Africa desk, will provide insights on [...]

Apr 12th, 2019|

The DA’s “Law & Order” Policies Won’t Fix The Cape Flats

Not too long-ago, the outgoing Western Cape premier Helen Zille lead the charge and rallied for the military to be deployed into the Cape Flats to curb the ongoing gang violence. This call was highly controversial and as expected solicited mixed and emotional responses with government having the final say and vetoing this move. The DA in its manifesto argues for [...]

Apr 12th, 2019|

United against racism

Racial incidents are too often present in the South African Media. Incidents such as these include the segregation of learners at a school in Scweizer Reneke and racial tensions at Clifton Beach. They do not end here. They extend to the racialized discourse surrounding the deaths of pupils at DrieHoek Highschool as well as the racialized discourse which underscored [...]

Apr 12th, 2019|

Invitation to a Book Discussion: International Justice at a Dead-End?

The Institute for Justice and Reconciliation invites you to join us for a discussion by the authors Dr. Phil Clark and Prof. Tim Murithi, who have recently published books on international justice in Africa. The discussion will be moderated by Salona Lutchman, Senior Lecturer in the Department of Public Law at the University of Cape Town. Dr. Phil Clark's book "Distant [...]

Apr 5th, 2019|

25 years on, Rwandan genocide still reverberates throughout the region

A quarter of a century after the April 1994 genocide, Rwanda is prospering. The tiny, landlocked land with a population of little more than 12 million offers the world an image of stability and contentment. The success story is largely seen as the handiwork of President Paul Kagame, says Patrick Hajayandi, a researcher with the South African-based Institute for Justice [...]

Apr 2nd, 2019|

The politics of the message

The election campaigning season has proven to be lacklustre at best and excruciatingly anaemic at worst. Twenty-five years into South Africa’s independence from the anti-human policies of the apartheid era, the political messaging in the 2019 poll is symptomatic of the absence of any inspirational “message” or grand narratives that can unify the society. Politicians across the ideological spectrum [...]

Mar 28th, 2019|

Optimistic IEC? Hiked youth registration will unlikely yield anticipated voter turnout

In less than two months South Africa will be holding its fifth democratic elections and political parties have hit the ground running with campaigns, hoping to strengthen their voter base. As generational replacement occurs and younger potential voters enter the system in growing numbers, political parties will ramp up their charm offensives to woo this demographic in the run [...]

Mar 26th, 2019|

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