Honouring Pioneers in Women, Peace and Security

By Published On: 29th April 2024

An event dedicated to honouring the remarkable achievements of individuals dedicated to advancing women, peace, and security in Africa, took place during the Critical Conversations on Women, Peace, and Security in Africa on 9 April, in Johannesburg, South Africa.

The event was a testament to the tireless efforts of those committed to gender equality and peace on the African continent. It was chaired by Ms Mmabatho Ramagoshi, Chairperson of the Mmabatho Foundation for Women’s Development and the Secretary-General of the Africa Women’s Leadership Network, South Africa Chapter.

Attendees hailed from diverse backgrounds, representing governments, civil society organisations, academic institutions, and international agencies, all united by a shared dedication to promoting the Women, Peace and Security agenda across Africa.

The event paid tribute to three exceptional individuals who have made significant contributions to the advancement of Women, Peace, and Security in Africa:

Hon Betty Bigombe: Special Envoy of the Republic of Uganda to the South Sudan Peace Process. Betty Bigombe’s remarkable leadership and expertise in navigating complex policy and operational frameworks related to conflict resolution, mediation, and management in fragile countries were lauded. With close to three decades of experience, she has been an instrumental figure in promoting peace and reconciliation in some of the most challenging environments in Africa.

Hon Nozizwe Madlala-Routledge: Director of the Quaker United Nations Office, Geneva. Nozizwe Madlala-Routledge’s distinguished service in government, civil society, and advocacy has left an indelible mark on the pursuit of peace and justice in Africa. Her extensive experience and influential contributions have been pivotal in advancing human rights and democratic participation across the continent.

Ms Emma Kaliya: Executive Director of the Malawi Human Rights Resource Centre (MHRRC) and Commissioner at the Malawi Peace and Unity Commission. For the past three decades, Emma Kaliya has been a relentless advocate for gender equality in Africa. Her unwavering commitment to amplifying marginalized voices and advocating for policy reforms has been instrumental in shaping the discourse around gender equality and ensuring that it remains a top priority on the global agenda.

In addition to honoring these outstanding individuals, Ms Nontobeko Sibisi, Founder and Executive Director of Ukusa Kwami, paid tribute to their exemplary leadership and unwavering dedication to promoting peace, security, and gender equality in Africa.

The event underscored the importance of continued collaboration and dialogue to address the complex challenges facing women in peace and security. The conversations also underscored the interconnectedness of gender equality and peacebuilding efforts.




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