IJR Research and Practitioner Fellows

IJR Research and Practitioner Fellows are independent and non-residential experienced researchers and practitioners who are experts in areas that link to IJR’s areas of work in the field of justice and reconciliation. They  are thought leaders in their fields of expertise and have during collaborations and partnerships with the IJR added value to the Institute’s work. If the opportunity arises, they might be approached to assist the Institute with the implementation of its projects and research outputs. They will contribute to the work of the Institute through the design and implementation of research projects. Research Fellows will also be encouraged to highlight strategic opportunities and latest trends to the attention of the IJR. In some instances, IJR research and practitioner fellows will bring opportunities for collaboration and partnership to the IJR which will contribute towards fulfilling the organisation’s vision and mission of promoting justice and reconciliation. Research Fellows are not remunerated by the Institute, but can be contracted as IJR Independent Contractors where their specific expertise is required in the fulfilment of a Project.


Dr. Ingrid Roestenburg-Morgan is a Senior Research Fellow with the IJR. Ingrid is South African but is currently based in the Netherlands. Her area of expertise covers International Criminal Law and Human Rights part of which has focused on transitional justice. Prior to undertaking her Ph.D she was employed as a Legal Officer at the United Nations International Criminal Tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia (UN-ICTY).  In her spare time Ingrid serves as Chair of the Board for an international NGO ActionAid in The Netherlands. Ingrid’s deep passion and commitment to Africa, has motivated her in using her research and talents for the benefit of those most disadvantaged, without a voice and agency. Her wish is to see an Africa and a world free of poverty and discrimination where each person can realize his or her full potential.