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The Institute for Justice and Reconciliation shapes national approaches to transitional justice and reconciliation in Africa.


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IJR congratulates the World Food Programme on the 2020 Nobel Peace Prize

IJR would like to offer our sincere congratulations to the World Food Programme for winning the 2020 Nobel Peace Prize! Conflict is one of the biggest drivers of the worldwide hunger plight, yet while our communities live in poverty and inequality without the ability to meet their basic needs, pursuing peace and reconciliation will remain a challenge. Addressing socio-economic [...]

Oct 13th, 2020|

1972 Broken Hearts: A Documentary Film to Heal the Hearts of Burundians

The documentary film 1972 Broken Hearts, launched by IJR in partnership with The Institute of Scientific Research for Development (IRSD), is both a means of documenting a violent and traumatic past and a way of paying tribute to victims of a tragedy that gripped Burundi from April to July 1972. This tragedy is known in Burundi as “Ikiza”, which [...]

Oct 5th, 2020|

Catcalling and Rape Culture – IJR Collaborates with the Stellenbosch Equality Unit

The Equality Unit of the University of Stellenbosch has been running Instagram Live sessions in August to highlight issues that affect women in women’s month. On the 12th August, Felicity Harrison from the IJR Sustained Dialogues Programme participated in a discussion facilitated by Yamkela Tyapha on the topic of catcalling – why it is problematic and how it contributes [...]

Oct 5th, 2020|

Institutional Responses to Sexual and Gender-Based Violence and the Urgent Need for Trauma-Informed and Survivor-Centred Support

Waking up to the news of gender-based violence (GBV) and the brutal murders of women, children, and members of the LGBTQIA+ community is a daily occurrence that has become normalised and ingrained within our social fabric. In South Africa, rates of sexual violence are unacceptably high and comparable to contexts of active conflict; which is yet another terrifying reminder [...]

Oct 5th, 2020|

The State of South Africa’s Democracy – Key Insights

On August 13, the South African Reconciliation Barometer (SARB) project hosted a webinar entitled, ‘The State of South Africa’s Democracy: Insights from Afrobarometer and the South African Reconciliation Barometer surveys’. The webinar sought to present and explain South Africans’ perceptions of democracy. Afrobarometer and SARB project leaders, Dominique Dryding and Mikhail Moosa presented their findings. These data-driven presentations were [...]

Oct 5th, 2020|

Africa’s Democratic Decay

The optimism washed in by the third wave of democracy has seen a receding tide and with it a gradual decay of democratic institutions. Across the continent, we are forced to uncouple the terms ‘democracy’ from ‘freedom’ and ‘democratic institutions’. Whilst many African countries continue to uphold the mirage of an electoral democracy, it takes a tiny effort to [...]

Sep 24th, 2020|

Upcoming Webinar: Education, Racism and Social Cohesion

IJR is regularly asked to intervene in schools, both public and private, to assist with incidents of racism or persistent structural racism in schools.  It would seem that while the country has a great constitution, the education systems which exist have not been transformed.  We often hear pupils and teachers alike speak of the toxic racial environments that they find [...]

Sep 22nd, 2020|

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