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The Institute for Justice and Reconciliation shapes national approaches to transitional justice and reconciliation in Africa.


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US Election: Why did the polls get it wrong – again?

US Election: Why did the polls get it wrong – again? The biggest loser of the US election was neither the Democratic Party nor Republican Party, it was the polling industry. Pre-election polls once again predicted a comfortable win for the Democratic nominee Joe Biden, but the contest is proving to be much closer than experts predicted. One of [...]

Nov 17th, 2020|

Trust – A Missing Ingredient in the COVID-19 Vaccine

On the 9th of November, pharmaceutical developer Pfizer announced the most promising results from a COVID-19 vaccine trial to date, claiming that their vaccine appears to be over 90% effective in preventing viral infection. This release is based on the preliminary results of trials taking place in over 40 000 people across six countries, including in South Africa. With [...]

Nov 17th, 2020|

Former IJR Fellow Appointed as UN Special Advisor on Prevention of Genocide

IJR wishes to express our sincere congratulations to Ms. Alice Wairimu Nderitu of Kenya on her appointment as the new United Nations Special Advisor on the Prevention of Genocide. Ms. Nderitu is a former Transitional Justice Fellow at IJR, and is well known in the field of peacebuilding and violence prevention both in her home country, Kenya, and across [...]

Nov 11th, 2020|

Bailing out state-owned enterprises will come at the cost of social cohesion and protecting society’s marginalised

Material injustice continues to haunt South Africa’s pursuit of an inclusive, reconciled post-apartheid society. The results of the 2019 round of the South African Reconciliation Barometer, a national public opinion survey by the Institute for Justice and Reconciliation, confirms this in its finding that one in three South Africans believe the biggest disruption to social cohesion in South Africa is [...]

Nov 6th, 2020|

IJR congratulates the World Food Programme on the 2020 Nobel Peace Prize

IJR would like to offer our sincere congratulations to the World Food Programme for winning the 2020 Nobel Peace Prize! Conflict is one of the biggest drivers of the worldwide hunger plight, yet while our communities live in poverty and inequality without the ability to meet their basic needs, pursuing peace and reconciliation will remain a challenge. Addressing socio-economic [...]

Oct 13th, 2020|

1972 Broken Hearts: A Documentary Film to Heal the Hearts of Burundians

The documentary film 1972 Broken Hearts, launched by IJR in partnership with The Institute of Scientific Research for Development (IRSD), is both a means of documenting a violent and traumatic past and a way of paying tribute to victims of a tragedy that gripped Burundi from April to July 1972. This tragedy is known in Burundi as “Ikiza”, which [...]

Oct 5th, 2020|

Catcalling and Rape Culture – IJR Collaborates with the Stellenbosch Equality Unit

The Equality Unit of the University of Stellenbosch has been running Instagram Live sessions in August to highlight issues that affect women in women’s month. On the 12th August, Felicity Harrison from the IJR Sustained Dialogues Programme participated in a discussion facilitated by Yamkela Tyapha on the topic of catcalling – why it is problematic and how it contributes [...]

Oct 5th, 2020|

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