Climate Change and JET Toolkit

The Climate Change and the Just Energy Transition Toolkit

The Climate Change Action Toolkit for Communities in South Africa is a resource designed to assist communities to understand and adapt to the challenges posed by climate change. Climate change is not a problem that can be solved in isolation; it requires collective effort and shared responsibility. Our toolkit recognises that addressing climate change is a complex puzzle, and each piece of this puzzle is equally vital. The toolkit therefore emphasises the crucial role of collaboration between communities, the Eskom Just Energy Transition Project (JET), government authorities, and other relevant actors in achieving meaningful and sustainable change.

Climate change is a global issue with local impact. It affects everyone, from the farmer to the government policymaker. By working together we can bring about change and create a more sustainable future for all. We can create solutions that are more robust, adaptable, and inclusive.

The toolkit encourages open dialogues, the sharing of knowledge, and the pooling of resources to address climate change challenges collectively.
Communities do not work in isolation but are integral parts of a larger system. In the fight against climate change, they are not alone. The toolkit aims to foster a sense of community, common purpose, and shared responsibility.

This toolkit serves as a guide to help us navigate this collective path towards a brighter and more sustainable future.

Pages: 32
Dimensions: A4
Date of publication: 2023