Vacancy: Knowledge Manager

The details:

The primary purpose of this position is to support the Institute for Justice and Reconciliation in strengthening its IT knowledge base and ensuring the flow of knowledge, into, within and out of the organisation is optimised.

Getting the Organisation ready:

The Knowledge Manager should perform the following functions to facilitate IJR readiness for the organization:

  • Create awareness in the organization of the principles of knowledge management and how they can impact the performance of the organization.
  • Create and maintain IJR internal IT platform, and Intranet based platform that pulls together All of IJR online systems to make accessibility easier and transparent.
  • Design and maintain IJR current webpage so that IJR can gain more exposure, the ability to use tools that gain IJR more online traction in terms of search engine optimisation.
  • Work to ensure appropriate IT enablers for knowledge management

IJR Intranet development:

  • For all stages of the intranet’s development, this person will hold responsibility for the overall visual design, site navigation, site content, engagement and training of users, coordination with key stakeholders and oversight of the technology.
  • Manage the Intranet homepage to maintain a proper balance of content from across the organisation.
  • Manage projects to deliver intranet content or tools to mobile devices.
  • Lead teams to improve sections of the intranet or deliver new tools through the intranet.
  • Monitor user-generated content for appropriateness.
  • Administer the Intranet application at all levels, including managing permissions, roles, access and features.
  • Respond to questions regarding features, functionality in a timely manner.

IJR Website:

  • Maintain and manage the IJR website
  • Ensure consistency in content while allowing autonomy
  • Managing site analytics
  • Enforce content guidelines and governance
  • Train content HOD and staff

Managing the Knowledge Base

The Knowledge Manager should have the following responsibilities in managing the knowledge base:

  • Identify the individuals in the organization with knowledge in specific areas which are critical to the performance of the organization and enroll them in the process of managing that knowledge
  • Coach the organization in the use of IJR technical processes and tools
  • As necessary, develop a suite of process tools for learning before, during and after and a means of integrating these within the normal working practices of the organization
  • As necessary, develop processes for capture, storage, validation and retrieval of knowledge; both within the organization and externally with others.
  • Prompt for, and facilitate, the capture of learning after all significant projects
  • Monitor the effectiveness, maintenance and use of the IT tools and systems as they apply to IJR, and implement improvements

Programme and project management

  • support programme and project managers around the flow of knowledge

The Knowledge Manager candidate should possess the following competencies:

  • Confident and effective communicator using various media
  • A skillful listener with an open style; good at facilitating discussion
  • Excellent influencing skills
  • Good networking and sharing of ideas and success clear and up-to-date understanding of business situation and processes and good working knowledge of organizational strategy
  • An understanding of the principles of knowledge management
  • Candidate will have 10 years plus years of prior relevant experience,
  • Candidate will have a Master’s degree in Business, Management Information Systems, Library Sciences, and/or Communications
  • Candidate must have extensive experience in the selection, use and deployment of third-party research licenses at the enterprise level, combined with demonstrable solid experience in both vendor and end-user management
  • The ideal candidate will be a creative, collaborative and independent thinker with strong relationship-building skills, ability to think critically and be a proactive problem solver
  • Experience with electronic knowledge, repository management, intranets/portals, collaborative and social media tools, plus computer skills (Microsoft Office)
  • Assist in developing a global perspective on approaches to knowledge sharing and collaboration while coordinating programs to ensure local/national/international needs are met

Email all applications:

Attention: Elisha Kotze
Closing date: 26 August 2022