Creating Conversations on Gender Just Communities

Creating Conversations on Gender Just Communities

Creating Conversations on Gender Just Communities

Reflection, learning and sharing

Despite the numerous progressive policies and laws protecting gender rights, we see within South African communities that local level gender justice is far from realised. In our work across South Africa we’ve learned that it is important to continually ask: what are the root causes of gender injustice? And, how can we create spaces that give people an opportunity to explore how to create safer spaces for all gender identities in their communities?

Drawing from our work within South African communities, the IJR’s Gender Justice and Reconciliation project, housed in the Sustained Dialogues programme has developed a toolkit that we hope will enable people to facilitate difficult but important conversations on gender in safe and supported ways. Gender affects the most personal and often painful aspects of our lives, and it is not easy creating safe spaces for gender dialogues but we believe it is vital that we do, and with the right tools it can be done.

Similarly, the sector is rich in organisations doing important work, who have developed and who use various tools, methodologies and materials in their work. IJR would like to contribute to creating a space where a wide range of stakeholders and people interested in starting and sustaining conversations on gender justice, can come together to reflect, learn and share with the objective to:embark on disseminating the toolkit to

  1. Equip people with tools to take forward the work of gender justice and reconciliation in their communities and spheres of influence;
  2. Contribute toward the struggle for a just and equitable society through the dissemination of knowledge on gender


For an electronic copy of the toolkit, click here


For more information, contact IJR’s Gender Desk

Eleanor du Plooy

Senior Project Leader: Sustained Dialogues

021 202 4083

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