Mobilizing Africa’s Youth for Political Change

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Against the backdrop of significant political shifts and recent and emerging popular coups across the continent, 2024 stands as an important year for Africa, with 19 countries gearing up for presidential and general elections. These elections occur against the backdrop of recent popular coups in countries such as Mali, Burkina Faso, Niger, and Guinea. Unfortunately, these [...]

Experts Explore Lessons from Ukraine Conflict for African Peace Mission

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In recognising the importance of addressing the gaps and characteristics of the war in Ukraine, a group of experts put together some practical steps that were presented during seminars conducted at the University of Cape Town, Stellenbosch University, University of Pretoria and at the Institute for Security Studies in Pretoria. The platform for expert collaborations was [...]

Southern Africa Regional Symposium on Advancing Democratic Governance and Electoral Integrity

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Introduction: "Moving Beyond Rhetoric: The Role of Regional Economic Communities and Normative Frameworks in Advancing Democratic Governance and Electoral Integrity in Africa." This symposium aimed to bring together various stakeholders including civil society actors, political representatives, African Union (AU) organs, and regional bodies to discuss and reflect on the status and relevance of AU and Southern [...]

Human Rights Day Message: 21 March 2024

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Prof Cheryl Hendricks As we mark Human Rights Day in South Africa, we solemnly reflect on the events of March 21, 1960, and the tragic occurrences in Sharpeville. This day remains etched in history as a stark reminder of apartheid's brutality, where innocent lives were lost and many more injured in a peaceful protest against the [...]


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The IJR is a renowned non-profit think tank based in South Africa, dedicated to advancing peacebuilding efforts across the African continent. Our work towards this end centers around three core focal areas: research and policy, peacebuilding interventions, and the promotion of dialogue between and within communities. We are seeking a seasoned Senior Communications Officer to join [...]


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INTERNATIONAL WOMEN’S DAY MESSAGE: 8 MAR 2024 Prof Cheryl Hendricks Dear Colleagues, Today we celebrate International Women's Day, whose theme this year is “Inspire Inclusion.” This day brings to the fore the need for continued efforts towards ensuring that the remarkable strides we have made towards gender equality and inclusivity, in this nation and on our [...]

Senior Project Leader: Regional Peacebuilding

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Senior Project Leader: Regional Peacebuilding. Based in Cape Town, South Africa The Senior Project Leader for Regional Peacebuilding will be tasked with innovating, designing and implementing peacebuilding initiatives in line with the IJR’s Strategy for 2022-2025. The dynamic individual will be an accomplished researcher, practitioner and analyst, with a track-record of governmental, inter-governmental and civil society [...]

IJR Internship: Peacebuilding Interventions Programme

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IJR Internship: Peacebuilding Interventions Programme The Institute for Justice and Reconciliation (IJR) Peacebuilding Interventions (PBI) Programme invites applications for internship to take up employment from March to December 2024 from candidates who are post-graduates, and have a passion to promote fair, democratic and inclusive societies in Africa. Candidates will be seeking to develop their peacebuilding, transitional [...]

Kenneth Lukuko on Human Rights Day

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The month of March is significant in South Africa's history because it was on March 21st, 1960, that the infamous Sharpeville Massacre occurred. On that day, police opened fire on a peaceful protest against pass laws, which required black South Africans to carry identification documents and restricted their movement. 69 people were killed and many more [...]

Dr Webster Zambara on the Africa Report – 2 February 2023

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Dr Webster Zambara, Senior Project Leader of Peacebuilding Interventions at the Institute for Justice and Reconciliation joined Radio 786' Africa Report to discuss stories making news in and around the #African continent. In this interview, he delved into the SADC Security Summit, Pope Francis's visit to South Sudan and tension between Ethiopia and South Sudan. Full [...]

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