Fear, self-censorship decline but still high as Zimbabwe approaches election, new survey finds

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Fear of electoral violence and of openly expressing their views declined but were still at above-average levels as Zimbabwe approached its July 30 presidential election, a new survey shows.  

Ready to vote in Zimbabwe? Young and urban residents less likely to say yes

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Whilst more than eight in 10 Zimbabweans (82%) say they are both registered and likely to vote in the upcoming elections, young and urban residents trail their older and rural counterparts in readiness to vote, a recent national survey suggests.

Calling out selective outrage from South Africans on the Palestinian struggle for Freedom

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In light of the ongoing Palestinian struggle, I am reminded of Winnie Madikizela-Mandela’s quote about how SA cannot be free without the freedom of the Palestinians, and how apartheid Israel can be defeated just as Apartheid SA was defeated.

Will South Africa see young people at the voting polls in 2019? Probably not.

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It is important that our government begins to address the complex challenges that the youth face with the same energy, creativity and innovation that we as young people see in ourselves.

The Voice of the Cape radio interview on the role of language in obtaining economic freedom in South Africa

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Jan Hofmeyer, Head of Research and Policy at the IJR,  had an interview with The Voice of the Cape on the role of language in obtaining socio-economic freedoms in South Africa. Listen to the interview here

IJR welcomes the sentencing of Vicki Momberg noting that more needs to be done to #RootOutRacism

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The IJR welcomes the court’s verdict and sentencing of Vicki Momberg by the Randburg Magistrate court. The IJR also applauds the country’s justice system for finally viewing racism as a crime appropriate of a jail term and not a mere fine.

Learners on gender: “Our vision is a gender fluid society”

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ACTIVATE! Change Drivers, in partnership with the Institute for Justice and Reconciliation (IJR) and Africa Unite, hosted a Gender and Gender Based Violence Hackathon with young community members who were predominantly learners from several high schools in the Western Cape.