2015 Transformation Audit: Radical Reconciliation

The Transformation Audit report explores the theme of economic justice with in-depth analysis of pertinent issues such as minimum wage-setting and social protection, women in the labour market, landlessness, and the role of dialogue and social pacts. The title of the report, Radical Reconciliation: Critical choices for economic justice, builds on the IJR’s reconciliation work in recent years, which has placed stronger emphasis on the important linkages between reconciliation and economic justice.

The minimum wage-setting, social assistance and poverty section of the report begins with a comparative analysis of the apartheid distribution regime and the current regime under the democratically elected ANC government. Some degree of continuity is observed, in that while the racial underpinning of the previous economy was completely dismantled, the class structure remains.

Women in the labour market covers a special focus on gender inequality in South Africa’s labour market, concentrating on the vulnerability of women. Since the end of apartheid, more women have joined the labour force; however, in comparison to their male counterparts, women have had a much more difficult time in finding employment.

Dimensions: A4
Pages: 108
Date of publication: 2015
By: Andries Du Toit, Ingrid Woolard and Ayanda Nyoka