Through original public opinion research and enquiry about the linkages between development, social cohesion, and reconciliation, the Research and Policy (RP) Programme of the IJR, seeks to provide an empirical basis for the organisation’s interventions, and the policy positions that it champions across the African continent.

Original public opinion research and enquiry

The programme is home to the world’s longest running public opinion survey on national reconciliation, the South African Reconciliation Barometer (SARB), and it is the Southern African core partner of the Africa’s most prestigious public opinion survey into matters of democratic- and economic governance, the Afrobarometer (AB). The Inclusive Economies Project, also housed within the RP Programme, seeks to draw the linkages between inclusive development and the creation of more socially cohesive and reconciled societies. The Programme collaborates with national, continental, an international partners to foster innovative approaches to research and policy-making around reconciliation, social cohesion, and inclusive economic development.