A Gender Conversation: Toolkit


The IJR, through its Gender Justice and Reconciliation Project, aims to empower communities and individuals with knowledge, insights, and tools to engage in dialogue around gender relations in South Africa. The GJR strives to create safe spaces in which people can bravely discuss gender and sexuality in ways that help contribute to an enhanced and nuanced understanding of the issues that surround the abovementioned. The Gender Conversation toolkit is a product of this attempt, and assists its users in speaking about and making sense of their own gendered experiences, as well as that of others. It helps its users to, also, explore what gender justice means in their respective contexts, and to re-imagine and reconstruct gender justice and reconciliation for their own lives and communities. Lastly, this toolkit seeks to empower its readers to address some of the root causes of gender injustice and offers a roadmap to engage in difficult and awkward conversations on gender.