Young Women Peacebuilder Awardees: Amber Julius

The Young Women Peacebuilder Awards was launched in December 2022.The IJR and its Partners would like to thank the following donors for making the awards possible: Embassy of Ireland, The Embassy of the Netherlands and UN Women. To learn more about the work of Amber Julius, watch her video [...]

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Book Launch: Peacemaking and Peacebuilding in South Africa: The National Peace Accord 1990-1994 By Revd Dr Liz Carmichael MBE

On Friday the 14th of October, the IJR hosted the book launch of Peacemaking and Peacebuilding in South Africa: The National Peace Accord 1990-1994, authored by Oxford academic and former activist, Revd Dr Liz Carmichael MBE.

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Faces and Traces: Paying Tribute to the Unsung Heroes

Storytelling has emerged as one of the methodologies that can be used to promote healing and reconciliation processes after years of violence, repression, or other forms of trauma that affect both individuals and communities, particularly after war or authoritarian rule. In effect, storytelling is a rich oral tradition found to be an effective healing intervention for societies that have suffered from atrocities that have generated trauma. The healing process happens when storytelling is linked to what can be described as narrative therapy, or when someone is giving a testimony of what they have endured.

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Seasonal work tensions in the agriculture sector

The Masiphumelele community in Fish Hoek, Cape Town, were awarded the IJR 2007 Reconciliation Award. This community provided an example of what is possible when collaboration and a common sense of belonging were given a chance, between local communities and African foreign nationals. Given all the violence that accompanies the [...]

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Youth as fierce advocate for racial justice in Calitzdorp

“Racial Justice is a vision and transformation of society to eliminate racial hierarchies and advance collective liberation for Black and/or indigenous people to have the dignity, resources, power, and self-determination to fully thrive”.  The concept of “Racial Justice” connects South Africa’s struggles for dismantling racial oppression and inequity to that [...]

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Other events that took place in the fourth quarter

The Young Women Peacebuilders Awards on 6 December 2022 The Young Women Peacebuilders Awards forms part of a larger project on implementing the South African National Action Plan on Women Peace and Security and on Promoting the Women Peace and Security agenda. IJR, SAWID, HURISA, LOPECO, FHR, and ACCESS Chapter [...]

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News Release: Afrobarometer hosts summer school in Pretoria for next generation of African researchers

News Release 10 November 2022 Afrobarometer hosts summer school in Pretoria for the next generation of African researchers In partnership with Future Africa at the University of Pretoria, Afrobarometer has launched its latest English-language summer school aimed at equipping African scholars with solid skills to analyse citizens’ socio-economic and political [...]

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Press Release: Afrobarometer Chair E. Gyimah-Boadi leads delegation to Washington for high-level engagements

An Afrobarometer delegation, including Board Chair E. Gyimah-Boadi, CEO Joseph Asunka, Director of Analysis Carolyn Logan, and Chief Operating Officer Felix Biga is in Washington, D.C., this week for a series of high-level engagements. In partnership with the U.S. Institute of Peace, the delegation will meet Tuesday with the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) for a briefing session on Afrobarometer findings on governance, democracy, climate change, health, COVID-19, and poverty. Meetings with the U.S. State Department and the Center for Strategic and International Studies are scheduled on Wednesday.

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Press Release: Data for Governance Alliance wraps up pan-African CSOs capacity-building workshop on accessing and using data for advocacy

Press Release 24 October 2022 Data for Governance Alliance wraps up pan-African CSOs capacity-building workshop on accessing and using data for advocacy “Unused data is useless, so let us make data useful,” Professor Winnie Mitullah, Afrobarometer core partner Director for East Africa, urged at the Data for Governance Alliance capacity-building [...]

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