Protecting Lives and Livelihoods – Views from the Inclusive Economies Project

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As the country moves to level 3 of lockdown, the opening up of the economy comes as a welcome relief to all South African’s, including the most economically marginalised. While the Covid-19 crisis spreads through the country, the media has put on raging narrative inducing a dichotomy of lives vs livelihoods. Yet, whichever side of the debate you buy into, it is always the most vulnerable segments of society that will bear a disproportionate burden of losses to both lives and livelihoods.

Thoughts from IJR’s Executive Director

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The answers are in the questions. The COVID-19 pandemic has been the single biggest event to confront the globe for the last one hundred years.  The world has moved on in leaps and bounds since the last global pandemic, yet, we were caught unawares.  There is no vaccine on the horizon and the world has seen [...]

The Central African Republic Elections and their Effect on the Current Peace Process

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The upcoming 2020 presidential election in the Central African Republic (CAR) has the potential to derail the implementation of the 2019 Khartoum Peace Agreement and bring about a return to widespread conflict.

Zimbabwe @40: Dreams Alive, Dreams Deferred

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On 18 April Zimbabwe celebrated her 40th Independence Anniversary. The occasion was largely overshadowed by the Covid-19 pandemic and the ostensibly unending economic turmoil, yet not lessened in its significance. As the old adage goes, ‘life begins at 40’. And depending on who you ask, the significance of this important milestone has different meanings to different [...]

Supporting Local Peacebuilding Initiatives in the Central African Republic

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Former IJR Executive Director Dr Fanie Du Toit addresses trainees at a January 2020 workshop in Bangui,Central African Republic. Part of IJR and In Transformation Initiative's (ITI) collaborative efforts to strengthen the capacity of the country's Local Peace and Reconciliation Committee Network. Since independence, the Central African Republic has been plagued by politico-military crises [...]

Peacebuilding Interventions Programme – April New 2020

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Trust – Zimbabwe’s elusive currency IJR’s Dr Webster Zambara in Zimbabwe A recent working visit to Zimbabwe by IJR’s Dr Webster Zambara brought him to the stark reality on the prevailing situation on the ground – a deepening trust deficit. In a country that is facing its worst economic crisis in a decade, and [...]

Research and Policy Programme News – April 2020

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In November 2019, two member of the Research and Policy team, Anyway Chingwete and Dominique Dryding, left for Angola to conduct two fieldworker training workshops and to observe fieldwork for the Round 8 Afrobarometer* survey in Angola. The size of Angola, the cost of transport and the language specifications per region necessitated that two fieldwork training [...]

Sustained Dialogues Programme – April 2020 News

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IJR’s Danielle Hoffmeester talks to participants in Calitzdorp ’With these hands, we will rebuild our communities!’’ proclaimed Calitzdorp youth - fitting commitment by young people and elders alike, to rebuild, restore and plough back into our communities. Our individual and collective histories as well as our present-day realities tell us that young people here [...]

From the Field – Social Change Model

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During February 2020, the Social Change Model (SCM) project traveled to the Free State and the Eastern Cape to meet with our ambassadors and explore potential synergies between our and their workplan for the year. It was imperative for our expectations and objectives to be aligned as far as possible to ensure that the SCM project [...]

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