Statement on #TotalShutdown: Intersectional Women’s March Against Gender Based Violence

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  On 1st August 2018, womxn, queers, and every marginalised gender identity and sexuality will take a stand against the violent patriarchy that subjects our lives to malicious surveillance, and our bodies to abuse and exploitation.Dressed in red and black, in one accord we will shout and cry out, “Our bodies are not your crime scene!” [...]

Masculinity in Crisis

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Toxic masculinity is embedded in South African culture, as evidenced by the spurt of gender-based violence highlighted by the media since January 2017, and manifests itself in a myriad of overt and covert ways. Danielle Hoffmeester, a Gender Justice and Reconciliation Project Assistant at IJR, shares her thoughts on how the importance of inviting men into spaces that interrogates toxic masculinity is fundamental to subverting misogyny, dismantling patriarchy, and by extension, ending gendered violence.

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