Juzaida Swain

Prior to joining the IJR, Juzaida Swain received a scholarship to promote regional integration between South Africa and Mozambique and completed community service at several organisations in Maputo province. This entailed fundraising for orphaned and vulnerable children as well as doing humanitarian aid work. Juzaida currently volunteers for numerous organisations, including AFS Interculture by facilitating intercultural learning to foster peaceful co-existence across the world. In addition, she runs her own online empowerment project called OpporTune which lists development opportunities for youth. She is also one of the first cohorts of Activate! Leadership and Public Innovation graduates across the country who are a critical mass of think-out-the-box trendsetters looking to reshape South African society and meet its toughest challenges. With her diverse interest and involvements outside of IJR, she always seeks ways to incorporate learning spanning youth development and philanthropy.