Anyway Chingwete, a Researcher by profession leads the Southern arm of the Afrobarometer Project with ten countries under her supervision. She has strong research skills for both qualitative and quantitative research although her experience for the past 10 years of research has revolved around quantitative research. She is highly competent with several research methodologies, including nationally representative surveys, snap polls, focus group discussions and key informant interviews. Working with Partners has strengthened her project management skills and developed strong Partner relationships and understanding of different political, economic and social environments in different African countries in Southern Africa. She has also immensely contributed to the Afrobarometer publication database since her engagement with the Afrobarometer Project in 2005 (at the National Partner level) and 2012 at the Core Partner level. Her employment with several Non-governmental Organisations in both Zimbabwe and South Africa-among them, the Population Service International, Care International in Zimbabwe, Institute for Democratic Alternative in Zimbabwe and the Institute for Democracy in South Africa, has enhanced her capacity to function optimally within the NGO sector. Anyway currently sits on the management committee of the Institute for Democracy, Citizenship and Public Policy in Africa at the University of Cape Town.

She holds a Master’s degree in Population Studies as well as an Honours degree in Economics from the University of Zimbabwe. In addition, she has pursued trainings in survey methodology, research analysis and poverty in Afric