5 Steps of SARB ODA Analysis

Getting Started with the ODA

The South African Reconciliation Barometer’s (SARB) Online Data Analysis (ODA) tool allows you to easily analyse data from SARB’s survey rounds, which began in 2003. The following instructions will show you how to utilise the tool effectively.

3 Easy Steps to Begin:

  1. Select a survey round/year
  2. Select a survey topic
  3. Select a specific question

Upon selection of a question you will be presented with survey results in the form of a table and a chart. In order to enlarge or change the format of the chart, use the buttons above the chart on the right side of the page.

You can navigate back to the home page or the previous page using the buttons in the top left corner of the page.

If you would like access to the datasets, please contact mmoosa@ijr.org.za for more information.

Further analysis:

The buttons above the table on the left side of the page allow you to view a time series or a geographical map of the data. You can also filter the data by cross variables such as age, language, population group, personal working status, education level, LSM (Living Standard Measure), or gender.

Save and share:

In the upper right corner of the page you can download your selected results as an Excel document, a pdf image, or a screen shot. You can also share your results on social media.

Explore and enjoy the SARB ODA’s unique survey data of South Africans’ opinions!