Forced removals: A case study on Constantia

History should be a process of enquiry and debate based on evidence from the past. The evidence should include written sources as well as oral sources, whether based on living memory or on oral traditions passed down from generation to generation. Learners must be given opportunities for “doing history” as historians do it: engaging with authentic sources from the past and constructing historical knowledge from the evidence derived from the historical sources.

This publication, the result of one such process, tells the story of forced removals in Constantia. But it also illustrates how an interactive oral history project can be conducted within the parameters of the National Curriculum Statement. As such, it is aimed at teachers of History, particularly at Grade 11 level, but the ideas for classroom activities can be adapted to any grade at high- school level.

Project of the Institute for Justice and Reconciliation in partnership with the Western Cape Education Department (South) and the District Six Museum
Pages: 88
Dimensions: 186 x 252 mm
Date of publication: 2005
ISBN: 0-9585002-2-3