The Young Women Peacebuilder Awards was launched in December 2022.

The IJR and its Partners would like to thank the following donors for making the awards possible: Embassy of Ireland, The Embassy of the Netherlands and UN Women.

To learn more about the work of Liyema Bhengu, watch her video below and watch the recap from our Executive Director.

Liyema Bhengu

Liyema Bhengu

Age: 18
Organisation: Your Purpose

Liyema Bengu is an 18 year old student from Sunningdale in East London. A student, speaker and emerging public figure, she is a determined social activist that advocates for women’s empowerment and developmental change. She is a voice of hope in her community.

Liyema started drives for blankets to help people affected by the floods and housed them temporarily in churches and community halls.

Liyema also started a vegetable garden to help feed the elderly people who come to the community center when there is nothing to eat at home. She has founded the Your Purpose Foundation to empower young people.

Her objectives are to establish community empowerment organization.