The other day, I let out a scream

in broad daylight, mid morning in fact

It was the scream I did not scream

that night on the isar river, as I knelt on the pebbles

waiting to be drowned

almost 7 years ago


The other day i let out a scream

so shrill and so high so violent, so terrifying and so deep

it shattered walls and windows seen and unseen

it was the scream of a thousand women, birthing new life, cackling from the belly, witnessing death, fighting wars


it was the scream my mother did not scream

the scream that silenced her

and strangled her mother

and arrested my father’s mother


I screamed the scream

that melted the lumps in their throats

the scream that allowed the little girl to say no

permitted the boy to break his secret

the scream that brought the men to their knees

taking their rightful place

bringing things to order


the other day i screamed a scream that broke my heart wide open

broke fences, gates and walls

broke my family

and other families too

so that families could join

broke communities

so that they could hold hands

broke borders and nations

for us to be one


i let out a scream that stopped every animal in their tracks

shook Mother earth

woke Father sky

so that he himself wept with thunder

watering us with his tears


and in his tears i  screamed

i washed


i am alive

i am a love





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