Access to Education: Breaking the Barriers Dialogue

Access to Education: Breaking the Barriers Dialogue

What barriers to education exist from foundation to tertiary education? 

In South Africa’s young democracy the crisis in education has been a highly contentious topic. We understand that education is often heralded as the most important tool to escape poverty however, many structures bar learners from reaping the rewards of a quality education. Education for poor South Africans is still far from ideal. Investments continue to be made in well-resourced areas rather than in the areas that actually need to be invested in. Disparities within the education system is still an issue despite the fact that there are plans, such as the National Development Plan (NDP) 2030 or Accelerated School Infrastructure Delivery Initiative (ASIDI), to improve education and foster future human prosperity.

Regional disparities also highlight that education performance in South Africa continues to be strongly aligned with socio-economic status. Though South Africa is investing in the improvement of education, the nation is not investing in the social services that are imperative to ensure socio-economic justice and equality.

In this discussion, we attempt to highlight the complexities of these obstacles irrespective of whether they are simple or institutional, personal or structural.

Date: 15th of February 2018

Time: 17:00 for 17:30 – 19:30

Venue: IJR offices, 105 Hatfield Street, Gardens, Cape Town

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