Key areas of engagement

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The Institute's Justice and Reconciliation in Africa Programme (JR) currently supports and partners around transitional justice and reconciliation initiatives in the three regions: Southern Africa, Great Lakes and the Greater Horn of Africa. Through collaboration, exchange, and dialogue, the programme seeks to build partnerships that support critical research, capacity-building in post-conflict situations, and the development of policy initiatives. In recent years, the Institute's engagements across Africa have grown substantially. Typically, they are based on invitations from partner countries, including South Sudan, Uganda, the DRC, Rwanda, Burundi, Zimbabwe and Mozambique.

Programme contacts

  • Dr Tim Murithi (Head of Programme: Justice and Reconciliation in Africa)
  • Friederike Bubenzer (Senior Project Leader: Greater Horn and Fellows Programme)
  • Webster Zambara (Senior Project Leader: Southern Africa Desk)
  • Allan Ngari (Project Leader: Kenya and International Justice Desk)