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IJR in 2017–2020 crafts and implements interventions according to five themes, relevant to its work in South Africa, Africa and increasingly globally.

  • Regional Reconciliation
  • Racism, Social Cohesion and Inclusion
  • Restoring Human Dignity and Bottom-Up Reconciliation
  • Transitional and victim-centred justice
  • Socio-economic Justice

The five priority themes will continuously be addressed with an added emphasis on the cross-cutting themes of Youth and Gender. IJR is conducting in-house research via dedicated and collaborative efforts to define what IJR’s unique contribution over the next four years to these themes will be.

All programmatic staff are researching, deliberating and collaborating in working groups that spans over numerous units. The goal is to identify niche areas that IJR will contribute to.  Each theme is aligned with our vision, mission and resource excellence.

Research outputs will be available later this year. Follow our social media channels for updates.