Lucretia Arendse

Lucretia is an accomplished Project Leader with a strong background in conflict transformation and extensive experience spanning multiple sectors. With a proven track record of four years in the Agriculture sector, she adeptly manages and implements conflict transformation processes. Additionally, Lucretia brings another four years of valuable expertise in the Education Sector, where she excels in project management, resource production, and fostering inclusive environments that combat discrimination and exclusion in schools.

For two years, she spearheaded the Anti-racism, exclusion, and related intolerance project, fearlessly facilitating difficult conversations and creating safe platforms for constructive engagement. Her commitment to nurturing discussions that promote respect and dignity for all has made her an exceptional leader in this field.
With a diploma in Business Management and accreditation as a facilitator, Lucretia has amassed a remarkable 17 years of experience in the corporate sector, complemented by a commendable 15-year tenure in the NGO sector. Driven by a deep desire to see our nation healed from the wounds of its past, she remains passionately devoted to her work. Lucretia’s diverse expertise and unwavering dedication make her an invaluable asset to any team working towards positive social transformation and inclusivity.