Peace in the Balance: The Crisis in Sudan

Edited by B Raftopoulos and K Alexander
Pages: 176 pages
Dimensions: 240 x 151 mm
Maps and photographs
Publisher: IJR
Date of publication: 2005
ISBN: 0-9585002-9-0



The ongoing crisis in Sudan is characteristic of the many challenges of nation-building on the African continent. Yet it has unique dynamics. The legacy of exploitative colonial rule, racialised marginalisation of the majority of its people, ethnic and religious divisions, and a state with a high capacity for repression but little propensity for extending protection and consensual rule to the majority of its population, has resulted in extended conflict.

Current attempts to end half a century of war, instability and state repression have led to a fragile peace. Sustaining this peace will demand all the efforts of national, regional and international actors. This book is an attempt to trace the origins of the problems, the ongoing conflicts and the huge challenges confronting the efforts to bring peace and reconciliation to Sudan.

About the authors

Brian Raftopoulos is Head of the Transitional Justice in Africa Programme at the Institute for Justice and Reconciliation, Cape Town. He was, until recently, Associate Professor of Development Studies at the University of Zimbabwe and has published extensively on Zimbabwean history and politics.

Karin Alexander is Programme Officer and Head of the Zimbabwe Desk in the Transitional Justice in Africa Programme at the Institute for Justice and Reconciliation, Cape Town, South Africa. Her areas of specialization include democratisation, history and memory, and conflict management with a focus on Zimbabwe, Rwanda and the Democratic Republic of Congo.


  • Sudan Fact Sheet
  • Map of Sudan
  • Introduction
  • Sudanese Civil Wars: Multiple Causes, Multiple Parties – One ‘Comprehensive’ Agreement? Sara Basha
  • The Comprehensive Peace Agreement – A Synopsis Sara Basha
  • The Internal Post-conflict Dynamics Yasmine Sherif and Noha Ibrahim
  • The Battle for the South Sarah Crawford-Browne
  • The Regional and International Dimensions of the Crisis in Darfur Ayesha Kajee
  • Talking Peace, Making War in Darfur Fanie du Toit
  • Darfur – Understanding a Complicated Tragedy Susan E Cook and Charles K Mironko
  • Obstacles to Transitional Justice in Sudan Sarah Crawford-Browne, Sara Basha and Karin Alexander
  • Chronology of events
  • Abbreviations
  • References
  • Contributors