Conflict and Governance

Editor: Sue Brown
ISBN: 0 958479496



Economic justice is now at the top of the South African transformation agenda. How to go about realising it effectively, and spreading benefits to the majority, is the key national debate of today. From government to private sector, policy-makers to private citizens, transformation is now a pivotal issue.

Economic Transformation Audit 2005 - Conflict and Governance is the second in a new series of transformation audits published by the Institute for Justice and Reconciliation. The series interrogates the manner in which South Africa's economy is transforming the country's political and social landscape. It scrutinises the data for directions of development and pointers for future policy.

This edition mobilises acknowledged experts in these areas to apply high-calibre political and statistical analysis to the existing data, in order to analyse and quantify economic transformation.

Issues spotlighted are:

  • The changing shape of the economy
  • Shifts in employment, with a case study of the Western Cape garment industry
  • Education policy effectiveness
  • Poverty, conflict and governance at work in three municipalities

The transformation audit is an essential tool for business people, professionals and investors; social and policy-makers and friends and observers of South Africa worldwide.