Becoming Zimbabwe

Becoming Zimbabwe

Teaching History in Context in Zimbabwe

By Miles Tendi Pages: 36
Dimensions: 210 x 297mm
Publisher: IJR
Date of publication: December 2009
ISBN: 978-1-920219-18-5



History is the study of the transformation and growth in society over time and space. Examining the past allows us to understand how history infl uences our present and future. A study of history builds the capacity of people to make informed choices in order to contribute constructively to society and to advance democracy. As a vehicle of personal empowerment, history engenders in learners an understanding of human agency. This brings with it the knowledge that, as human beings, learners have choices, and that they can make the choice to change the world for the better.

Becoming Zimbabwe. A History, c. 850–2009 is a rigorous academic work of historical enquiry penned by Zimbabwean scholars that is an alternative overview to the prevalent narrative and accounts of Zimbabwe's history. Th e book surveys the process of nation-building in Zimbabwe through its various stages. The idea of a nation is important in Zimbabwe and history is central to that design. Thus, Becoming Zimbabwe seeks to address the role of nation building and history in the idea of a Zimbabwean political imagination, which is a central tenet of the country's current politics. In addition the book offers a critical appreciation of Zimbabwe's socioeconomic systems since the pre-colonial era, and how they have impacted on people. Becoming Zimbabwe promotes and aids critical historical debate through a meticulous assessment of a wide range of chronological evidence and various viewpoints about Zimbabwe's history. It shows that historical truth is comprised of an array of voices. The voices vary and are, more often than not, confl icting accounts of Zimbabwe's past.

This report provides a complimentary aspect to Becoming Zimbabwe by posing a general critique of history teaching and curriculum in Zimbabwe. It attempts to enhance the book's use, and serves as an educational tool at secondary and higher levels for comparison and analysis of history teaching and curriculum in Zimbabwe. The report also provides an outline of the kinds of historical texts and narratives on Zimbabwe, and how they are taught within Zimbabwean technical colleges and universities. The supplement therefore provides an overview of history teaching in Zimbabwe in relation to the content and focus of Becoming Zimbabwe.