A Double-Edged Sword: Peace Support Operations and Conflict Management in Northern Mozambique2024-05-15T22:03:58+02:00
Making women’s roles and experiences visible in countering and preventing violent extremism: the forgotten women of Cabo Delgado2024-05-15T22:05:38+02:00
IJR Policy Brief 43: The challenge of protecting urban refugees in Southern Africa2024-05-15T22:05:28+02:00
IJR Policy Brief 42: Memorialisation and its controversies: Policy insights from Burundi2024-05-15T22:07:15+02:00
IJR Policy Brief 41: African Continental Free Trade Area and its implications for regional peace and security2024-05-15T22:07:42+02:00
Gateways for Peace 2021: Policy Brief 32024-05-15T22:14:45+02:00
Gateways for Peace 2021: Policy Brief 12024-05-15T22:15:07+02:00
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IJR Policy Brief 38: State of the Nation: South Africa 20222024-05-15T22:10:23+02:00
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