Gateways for Peace 2021: Policy Brief 12024-05-15T22:15:07+02:00
South African Reconciliation Barometers Survey: 2021 Report2024-05-15T23:03:27+02:00
IJR Policy Brief 36: Dealing with the past: The role of the youth in promoting transitional justice in Southern Africa2024-05-15T23:03:36+02:00
Human Development as a Pathway to Transformed and Peaceful Societies2024-05-15T23:03:41+02:00
Strategic Options for Managing Violent Extremism in Southern Africa: The Case of Mozambique2024-05-15T23:04:16+02:00
IJR Policy Brief 37: Paying the price: financing the Mozambican insurgency2024-05-15T23:04:35+02:00
Afrobarometer Dispatch No. 476: Economic insecurity persists for South Africans2024-05-15T23:05:10+02:00
Afrobarometer Dispatch No. 474: South Africans’ trust in institutions and representatives reaches new low2024-05-15T23:05:24+02:00
Afrobarometer Dispatch No. 467: South Africans support government’s COVID-19 response but are critical of corruption and skeptical of vaccines2024-05-15T23:05:46+02:00
Assurant le succès de la Commission Vérité, Justice, Réparations et Réconciliation de la République Centrafricaine2024-05-15T23:06:06+02:00
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