Policy Brief No 13: Gender and Reconciliation in the New Kenya

This Policy Brief argues the interdependence of reconciliation and gender equality, as well as the need to mainstream a gender perspective in the reconciliation process in Kenya. Mainstreaming a gender perspective includes incorporating strategies to ensure a focus on gender and women’s issues in all dimensions of design, implementation, monitoring, and evaluation of policies and programmes. The Policy Brief further argues that gender equality is an essential aspect of reconciliation and therefore that mainstreaming a gender perspective in all policy areas is instrumental to a successful reconciliation process.

The Policy Brief looks specifically at the case of Kenya, analyzing from a gender perspective, the ongoing efforts at promoting reconciliation in the country. The analysis takes into account the role of women in Kenyan society, and the country’s guiding political and legal frameworks.

By Peter Nordstrom
Pages: 16
Dimensions: A4
Date of publication: August 2013