2014 Transformation Audit – Breaking the mould

This year’s Transformation Audit draws attention to South Africa’s socio-economic impasse. Not all is grim. The country is performing well on some of its development indicators, but falls short on critical factors, particularly on employment creation, improving education standards and poverty alleviation and reducing inequality.

There needs to be a decisive break from policies that do not serve the country’s poor. Against this backdrop, the ANC government has announced a new era of radical economic transformation. While we can continue to debate the content of the term ‘radical’, the country cannot postpone the implementation of policies that are more effective in including more South Africans in the economy. No country can achieve success overnight, nor can it do so by itself. South Africa is, however, at a crossroads and solutions should be sought from its broader society, not only from its government. At the same time it will be important for government to become more attuned to the diversity of perspectives within society and to take the lead in helping to shape a broad-based developmental pact that includes the priorities of all stakeholders.

In line with previous editions of the Transformation Audit, this publication presents arguments and analysis from leading thinkers on the socio-economic path that South Africa should take to create a more inclusive economy. They may not all fully represent the views of IJR, but are meant to be provocative and to stimulate a debate that needs to remain at the top of our public agenda. The IJR encourages its readers to engage with it and help in the shaping of solutions for a more inclusive South Africa.

Dimensions: A4
Pages: 84
Date of publication: 2015
ISBN: 978-1-920677-84-8