The Inclusive Economies Project

The Inclusive Economies Project is located within the Policy and Analysis Programme of the Institute for Justice and Reconciliation, and is dedicated to research and analysis of key socioeconomic variables to influence policy debates on socio-economic justice in South Africa and elsewhere on the continent.

This includes the production of an annual Transformation Audit, which is accompanied by longitudinal scorecards, and the creation of platforms for policy debates.

Through the use of scorecards and in-depth research and analysis, the Transformation Audit (TA) provides an annual review of progress towards socio-economic justice in South Africa. To date, its focus has been on the analysis of economic governance, education, labour market, poverty and inequality in South Africa. By auditing these four focal areas, the TA offers insight into, and measurement of, tracking changes that the economy has undergone since the advent of democracy. Such scrutiny enables it to identify critical shortcomings, but also strategic points for the targeting of resources.

The TA scorecards are supplemented by commissioned groundbreaking analyses by some of the country's top economists and political analysts. Such analyses, which is too often framed in technical jargon that excludes broader audiences from policy-making processes, becomes reframed in the TA to allow for greater access and engagement with critical developmental issues. By presenting the relevant information, data, analysis, and the concomitant insights in an intelligible format, it not only opens doors to the improved understanding of-, but also participation, in important national debates.

The Inclusive Economies Project has also extended its focus to issues of youth and their inclusion in the economy and continues to engage policy debates on the topic of intergenerational justice.

The findings of the project are being injected in various policy and opinion-leader forums and have been quoted widely in policy documents and prominent scenario exercises.