Reconciliation Barometer Project

The Reconciliation Barometer project conducts applied social research on reconciliation in South Africa and other post-conflict societies in Africa. One of only a handful of projects of this kind anywhere in the world, the primary data, research findings and publications produced by the Reconciliation Barometer since 2003 have become an established resource for governments, civil society organisations and researchers alike, in the processes of policy development, encouraging national debate and broadening theory and the study of reconciliation.


The Reconciliation Barometer survey is a national public opinion poll that tracks progress in reconciliation across a range of multi-dimensional indicators, including political culture and relations, human security, dialogue, historical confrontation and social relations. In South Africa it is currently the only dedicated social survey on reconciliation. Since 2003, the results have provided unique insight into post-apartheid social change. Past Reconciliation Barometer research reports can be downloaded here, and survey data is available by application to the Institute.


The SA Reconciliation Barometer newsletter is a quarterly publication produced by the IJR since 2003, featuring expert analysis of socio-political trends and reconciliation from both within and outside the Institute. Past editions of the SA Reconciliation Barometer newsletter can be downloaded here, and readers are encouraged to participate in dialogue and debate online through the Reconciliation Barometer blog.


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