IJR – Youth Month Campaign

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As South Africa continues to celebrate Youth month, help create safe spaces where our young people can continue to talk, share their experiences and find lasting solutions to many of our country's political, social and economic issues. Teach, talk, learn and share with the IJR by donating R100 towards youth dialogues.

Book Launch – The Lone Wolves’ Legion: Terrorism, colonialism and capital By Peter Knoope

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The IJR in collaboration with Best Red cordially invites you to the public book launch of Peter Knoope’s The Lone Wolves’ Legion: Terrorism, colonialism and capital.

Conference – Recognition, Reparation and Reconciliation: The Light and Shadow of Historical Trauma

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This conference will bring together a group of scholars and practitioners from different disciplinary backgrounds to reflect on these vexed questions of historical wounding and its haunting legacies.

Findings from a pre-election baseline survey in Zimbabwe: April/May 2018

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Most Zimbabweans are registered and ready to vote in July, but while the ruling ZANU-PF appears to have a lead among declared voters, the outcome is far from certain, according to a new survey by Mass Public Opinion Institute (MPOI), the IJR and Afrobarometer.

Calling out selective outrage from South Africans on the Palestinian struggle for Freedom

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In light of the ongoing Palestinian struggle, I am reminded of Winnie Madikizela-Mandela’s quote about how SA cannot be free without the freedom of the Palestinians, and how apartheid Israel can be defeated just as Apartheid SA was defeated.

Will South Africa see young people at the voting polls in 2019? Probably not.

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It is important that our government begins to address the complex challenges that the youth face with the same energy, creativity and innovation that we as young people see in ourselves.

The Voice of the Cape radio interview on the role of language in obtaining economic freedom in South Africa

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Jan Hofmeyer, Head of Research and Policy at the IJR,  had an interview with The Voice of the Cape on the role of language in obtaining socio-economic freedoms in South Africa. Listen to the interview here