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A different time, a different place

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The transition into a democratic dispensation had bodies such as the Truth and Reconciliation Commission (TRC) tasked to delve into the violence and human rights violations of the apartheid era.  It was a process that was not without flaws as it separated the systematic injustices and oppressions from human rights violations

Gender-based violence: a continuum through womxn’s lives

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South Africa's history is marred by brutality where violence was used as a legitimate means to acquire power, assert interests and address conflict. The normalisation of violence constructed a society in which violence became a mode of communication. It became a norm

Creating Conversations on Gender Just Communities

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Drawing from our work within South African communities, the IJR’s Gender Justice and Reconciliation project, housed in the Sustained Dialogues programme has developed a toolkit that we hope will enable people to facilitate difficult but important conversations on gender in safe and supported ways

On Magnus Malan, the TRC and white victimhood

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The Malan case is a powerful, meta-type example of how white violence can become victimhood and therefore worthy of protection and defence. The narrative around victimhood is that whiteness and, white people particularly, are the primary victims. We go to extremes to find redeeming factors to protect them.

Statement on #TotalShutdown: Intersectional Women’s March Against Gender Based Violence

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  On 1st August 2018, womxn, queers, and every marginalised gender identity and sexuality will take a stand against the violent patriarchy that subjects our lives to malicious surveillance, and our bodies to abuse and exploitation.Dressed in red and black, in one accord we will shout and cry out, “Our bodies are not your crime scene!” [...]

IJR calls on prosecuting authorities to intensify their efforts in the Ashley Kriel case

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  The Institute for Justice and Reconciliation together with the Kriel Family calls on prosecuting authorities to redouble their efforts seeking justice into the death of Ashley Kriel in 1987. The arrest of the former police officer in the Ahmed Timol case serves as a reminder of all the extrajudicial killings during apartheid that have not [...]

Fear, self-censorship decline but still high as Zimbabwe approaches election, new survey finds

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Fear of electoral violence and of openly expressing their views declined but were still at above-average levels as Zimbabwe approached its July 30 presidential election, a new survey shows.  

Zimbabweans remain apprehensive about manipulation of the presidential election, new survey finds

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Zimbabwe’s presidential campaign has done little to allay popular apprehensions about the security of the vote, the counting of ballots, the announcement of election results, and the possibility of post-election violence, according to a new public opinion survey.