IJR 2021 Annual Report Tender Notice & Brief

By Published On: 21st January 2022

The Institute for Justice and Reconciliation, a non-profit organisation based in Cape Town, South Africa is looking for a service provider to propose an innovative layout and design for its 2021 annual report. The report must capture the IJR brand, accomplishments and stories from the previous year reinforcing the organisation’s message of building fair, democratic and inclusive societies in Africa.

The IJR’s annual report is targeted at primary stakeholders, members of the board as well as all its donors and funders.

The IJR’s aim with the production of this year’s annual report is to produce a document which is reader friendly, informative and one that generates a wow factor with a magazine style look and feel to it. The report should present a combination of readable graphs, images, and a timeline of events to guide readers through the information in a simple format.

The service provider will be required to, among others, copy-edit and proofread the report and produce high-quality infographics in the design.

The service provider should have experience within the non-profit sector and be familiar with the essence of the work that the IJR does. The IJR is looking for a service provider that understands the challenges of being a non-profit organisation where resources are limited while still being able to produce a cost-effective and quality product.


The final printed 2021 annual report needs to be delivered to IJR’s offices by no later than 12 May 2022. Please consider the points below when quoting:

  • 200 A4 copies of IJR’s Annual Report 2021 to be printed on environmentally-friendly paper
  • Format: 40 pages plus cover; Text printed full colour on 128gsm Sunbrite Digital Matt (environmentally friendly) and Cover printed CMYK OSO on Sunbrite Matt 300gsm (environmentally friendly), matt laminated both sides, Cover matt laminated OSO
  • 2-4 infographics
  • 8 – 15 purchased pictures
  • Copy-editing of the full report
  • Proofreading of the full report
  • Electronic version of the Annual Report in high and low resolution, in an interactive e-book format.


1 March 2022 Initial planning meeting
4 March 2022 IJR to deliver text to service provider, for draft layout (this will be followed by engagements about design options)
10 March 2022 Confirmation of layout and general design (with spaces left for photographs)
16 March 2022 IJR to deliver relevant photographs to service provider
22 March 2022 Final layout design to IJR for approval
5 April 2022 Amendments to final version, including all images and captions
20 April 2022 IJR to deliver financial information
22 April 2022 Final draft version proofread by IJR
25  April 2022 Final copyediting by service provider
29 April 2022 Final approved version
29 April 2022 Print-ready design to printer
12 May 2022 Delivery of printed version to the IJR offices
12 May 2022 Delivery of e-version and e-book

Reporting and Communication

The service provider will ultimately report to the Head of Communication, Fund- and Business Development (Dr Ric Amansure) at the IJR, but will liaise with the Project Leader for Communications (Ms Samantha Kambule) on the practical aspects of this project.

Dr Ric Amansure– ramansure@ijr.org.za

Samantha Kambule – skambule@ijr.org.za

The service provider will also provide the IJR with a contact person for the entire duration of the project.


The service provider shall have experience in layout, design and editing of annual reports of similar organisations to the IJR. The service provider should have a consultative approach to its work and allow time for sufficient consultation with the IJR.

The service provider will be responsible for their own expenditures for travelling and presentations to the IJR.

Obligations of the IJR

The IJR will ensure that it delivers all the information and content necessary within the agreed timeframes. The service provider and the IJR will maintain open channels for regular communication.

The IJR will provide the service provider with a style guide, as well as all necessary design formats of the IJR logo and related material.

Contractual agreement

Before commencement of this project, the service provider will enter into a contractual agreement with the IJR.


Please submit the following documents to skambule@ijr.org.za  by 20 February 2022.

  • Detailed quotation with explanatory narrative where necessary
  • Company profile, including a portfolio/list of past clients
  • 2 samples of your work
  • Project manager contact details

If you have any further questions please contact Ric or Samantha via email ramansure@ijr.org.za or  skambule@ijr.org.za



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