Three cheers for IJR’s Gender Justice and Anti-Racism projects launch of publications and landmark online Gender Justice resource hub

By Published On: 10th December 2021

Image source: Jodi Williams

The ARP and GJR teams were in the small Western Cape town of Calitzdorp from the 25 October 2021 to the 3 November 2021, where workshops and discussions were conducted with long-standing IJR ambassadors and community members around the themes of gender justice and reconciliation, as well as anti-racism. As an organization formed in the wake of a democratic South Africa, the projects are underpinned by the tenets of transitional justice and building fair, democratic, and inclusive societies.

It is with this vision that the launches of the “Brave Conversations- A Guide for Inclusive Anti-Racism Dialogue” (anti-racism toolkit) , the “Racial and Gender Reconciliation Visual Archive Series” (photobook), as well as the “Gender-based Violence Online Information Centre Project” (  took place.

The guide for inclusive anti-racism dialogue acts as a comprehensive toolkit to empower readers with the knowledge, insights, and tools to engage in dialogue on racism. The anti-racism toolkit is grounded within the context of democratic South Africa. Whilst inspiring critical discussions on the violent nature of apartheid South Africa, it also explores the ongoing experiences of racial trauma in our society.

The Racial and Gender Reconciliation Visual Archive Series aims to document a visual archive in the various areas wherein the project works, across South Africa. The inaugural publication begins its journey in the underserved community of Calitzdorp. A town renowned for its production of port wines, but where a large portion of its population are consistently silenced and relegated to the margins. This visual archive series aimed to document the community’s narratives in their own words and did so in creative ways that sought to center their voices as the locus of knowledge.

Lastly, the GJR team launched the GBV Online Information Centre Project ( The online information center is a website programme that seeks to be an online information repository that will engage three thematic points; access to information on legal rights, community engagement, and psychosocial support education. As a repository, the information center is a partnership with various stakeholders that are known for their GBV- focused activism, or work that is centered on gender justice. The center aims to recognize GBV beyond the binaries of heteronormativity and understand it in its complexities as violence experienced across gender-diverse identities.

The launch took place on Sunday, 31st October with the Calitzdorp ambassadors as well as community members present. It was a joyful celebration of youth activism and knowledge production in the community. The entertainment line-up included cultural performance items from community members including the much-anticipated Rieldans, poetry performances, as well as Hip Hop dancing and rapping to name a few.

With the guidance of IJR ambassadors and the community of Calitzdorp, the IJR continues to fulfill its mandate as an organization dedicated to building inclusive societies.

Katlego Sepotokele, Senior Project leader in Gender Justice and Reconciliation

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