The IJR welcomes Fellows to its 2021 Pan-African Reconciliation Network (PAREN) Fellowship Programme

By Published On: 11th November 2021

The IJR PAREN Fellowship Programme will run from 25 October to 11 November 2021, and will engage participants from Ethiopia, Liberia, Kenya, Uganda and Zimbabwe, in an intensive experiential learning and knowledge exchange process that will raise awareness about transitional justice, national and regional reconciliation efforts on the African continent. The Fellows will participate in robust discussions about the provisions of the African Union Transitional Justice Policy (AUTJP), which was developed to provide guidelines for countries that are emerging from conflict or authoritarian rule across the continent.

The purpose of the IJR PAREN Fellowship is to encourage participants to develop critical and analytical insights on efforts to promote transitional justice, peacebuilding and reconciliation across Africa. This will enhance and improve the dialogue and exchange of views among Africans, so that they can design and drive their own transitional justice processes and stabilize their countries through peacebuilding and reconciliation initiatives.

PAREN is a platform that was established by the Institute for Justice and Reconciliation to reinforce and strengthen the efforts of individuals and institutions working to promote transitional justice, peacebuilding and reconciliation across Africa.

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