PAREN AUTJP Monitor Call for Articles

By Published On: 25th August 2021




Call for Articles

1.Background and Context:

The African Union Transitional Justice Policy (AUTJP), adopted in February 2019, emphasises the important role played by non-state actors and civil society organisations as key partners with government and inter-governmental actors, in the promotion of transitional justice, national and regional reconciliation.

The Institute for Justice and Reconciliation (IJR) is a Pan-African organization, based in Cape Town, South Africa, which works with governments, inter-governmental and civil society actors to build fair, inclusive and democratic societies. The Pan-African Reconciliation Network (PAREN), was established by the IJR’s Peacebuilding Interventions Programme, to convene and sustain a continental and global platform for practitioners, policy makers, and analysts working on transitional justice and peacebuilding, to provide technical support to governments and societies through the facilitation of dialogue interventions, policy analysis and the strengthening of national capacities to drive in-country processes.

The IJR Peacebuilding Interventions Programme will develop a PAREN AUTJP Monitor.

2.Key Objectives of the PAREN AUTJP Monitor:

The purpose of these articles will be to provide some analysis on prospective and ongoing transitional justice and peacebuilding processes across Africa, and elsewhere in the world, in order to raise awareness and sensitize African stakeholders on the utility and importance of engaging and utilize the provisions of the African Union Transitional Justice Policy in order to assist governments, inter-governmental actors, and civil society actors to develop and guide their own national transitional justice and reconciliation processes.

The adoption of the AUTJP creates a home-grown African approach to addressing the violations of the past and promoting redress with accountability for such injustices. There is a need across the African continent, to create platforms for the exchange of insights as well as to enhance awareness and the understanding of transitional justice and reconciliation processes. The PAREN AUTJP Monitor serves such a function as a professional knowledge-sharing and exchange of views platform, with a specific focus on strategies to implement the provisions of the African Union Transitional Justice Policy. The Monitor will assess where provisions of the AUTJP are being adopted and implemented across Africa.

We hereby invite you to share your brief insights to be included in the AUTJP Monitor into how transitional justice, peacebuilding and reconciliation processes are being undertaken across the African continent. Topics can also focus on efforts to addressed gender-based violence, prevent violent extremism, psychosocial support, regional reconciliation,

3.Length of Articles:

Kindly submit your short articles (up to 500 words) and longer features (800 words or more) to Ms Anthea Flink at, by 8 September 2021.

If you have any queries please contact Ms Anthea Flink at 021 202 4071 or email at

Pan-African Reconciliation Network, Institute for Justice and Reconciliation

August 2021

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