Civil society organisations and interested individuals are invited to a Second FAPA Dialogue on Friday, 8 March 2019, 9:00 – 15:00, 1B, School of Public Health, University of the Western Cape  to consider an update on the Public Service Commission (PSC) inquiry into Mr. Garane’s untimely death and associated public interest issues.

The 2nd FAPA will be hosted by the Dullah Omar Institute and co-convened with the INSTITUTE FOR JUSTICE AND RECONCILLIATION & the PUBLIC SERVICE ACCOUNTABILITY MONITOR.

For info on the Forum or to RSVP please email


Speaking truth to power comes at a price.  For Mr. Lennox Garane, former senior manager in the Parliament Administration, it came at the ultimate price.

The Forum for an Accountable Parliament Administration, FAPA, was initiated by former managers of the Parliamentary Administration in support for the Garane family’s call for justice and to draw attention to the systemic collapse in governance within the 5th Democratic Parliament.   The urgent need to do so was highlighted by the tragic demise of Mr. Lennox Garane.

FAPA arose to provide a network of support for the Garane Family in revealing the truth about what drove Mr. Garane to such a desperate course of action, and to ensure appropriate consequences for those implicated.

FAPA also support the broader public interest issues around the accountability of Parliament’s administration, which Mr. Garane stood – and indeed – died for.

The first FAPA, on 22nd January 2019, was hosted and facilitated by the Institute for Justice and Reconciliation and co-convened the Dullah Omar Institute and the Public Service Accountability Monitor.

After listening to the collective testimony of former managers about instances of abuse of power they had witnessed, Stan Henkeman, IJR Executive Director and programme facilitator remarked, “It doesn’t matter where you work, it doesn’t matter what political affiliation you have; this is about the soul of our country. If we bear that in mind we will take what comes. We will be vilified. You can already imagine what has been said about these people, and what will be said about this campaign, that’s just a strategy, but let’s not grow weary. We have a great country, let’s continue to fight to keep it that way

The 1st FAPA attracted significant support from civil society. However, the limited time available was insufficient to engage sufficiently with the broader managerial and accountability gaps which the 6th Democratic Parliament would need to address as a matter of urgency.

Parliament subsequently issued a statement condemning the former managers associated with the FAPA in an unprecedented attack on them individually.  Parliament also cast aspersions on the role of the participating CSOs.

The FAPA convening organisations decided to convene a 2nd FAPA once the Public Service Commission has been given a  chance to finalise its report within its own stated timeline of two months.  The Public Service Commission report is due.  The Garane Family’s call remains unanswered.  The 5th Democratic Parliament concludes its business in this month of March due to the National General Elections.

The FAPA advocacy campaign’s objectives are to:

  1. Provide support to the Garane Family through witness testimony and public solidarity.
  2. Involve Civil Society Organisations, public interest lawyers and interested parties
  3. Advocate that the legislative and accountability gaps that have resulted in the serious lapses in governance within the administration of Parliament be urgently addressed.
  4. Build Parliament as an institution of democracy by ensuring the administration is effective and configured to empower Parliament discharge its roles envisaged in the Constitution: law making, oversight and public participation in a responsive, transparent, participatory and accountable manner.

Media inquires for the CSO convening organisations:

Dullah Omar Institute:
Sam Waterhouse – 0845229646

Institute for Justice and Reconciliation:
Sam Kambule – 0828432732


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