Race and South Africa’s Faith Sector – Roundtable

Race and South Africa’s Faith Sector – Roundtable

Venue:  IJR Offices, 105 Hatfield Street, Gardens, Cape Town

Date:  29 October 2018

Time: 17h00 for 17h30 – 19h30 

Please RSVP to vadonis@ijr.org.za

The Anti-Racism Project, a project launched in 2018 at the IJR, seeks to challenge systemic, institutional and identity manifestations of racism by developing research and hosting dialogues in specific social contexts. Lessons from these are then used to enable society to counter racism more effectively whilst also evaluating social cohesion and economic inclusion.

South Africa’s faith community, like other sectors of the society, is closely affected by the challenge of racism, both as a positive as well as (at times) a negative factor. The different have continued to engage with intolerance of the other, yet they also share the common appeal as unifiers of society. Yet within each of the many different and sometimes conflicting faith communities there exist also schisms that still in some cases separate according to the apartheid classifications of identity.

Does the community understand the role it ought to play in the fight against racism in a manner that is shared across its traditional boundaries? If religion in general is understood as the peace-maker in society, then in our context how far is the sector from fulfilling this role in the fight against racism? What is the nature of its engagement with policy regulations that govern the practice of religion in ways that do not contribute to racism and rather to its demise from society?

This roundtable aims to (1) juxtapose South Africa’s race relations side-by-side with the vibrancy of our faith communities; (2) unpack the complex nature of race and racism in the sector; (3) engage with key drivers of positive change in this sector and attempts to address social racism, systemic, racialized inequality and (4) assess the transformation mandate pertaining to the sector at large.

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