Racism in sports

Racism in sports

The Institute for Justice and Reconciliation (IJR) invites you to a roundtable to discuss race and racism in the sports sector. South Africa’s sporting community, perhaps even more than other aspects of our society, has grappled with transforming into the new society. Pressure for national sports teams to change their ‘complexion’ to reflect the demographics and all historical traditions in sport, among other considerations has been punctuated by terms such as the ‘quota system’, ‘quota players’.

However, the suspicion has also remained amongst many that there remains behind the scenes of this conversation, pockets of economic power that have been inherited from the past that still slow down the pace of change. Although much progress continues to be made, shocking outbursts or incidences of intolerance still feature in our discourse, including the saga involving Ashwin Willemse and his co-presenters at Multi-Choice, pointing to challenging race relations.

What is to be learned from this and many other aspects of the challenge of transformation and non-racialism in sport? What other aspects exist in the experience of experts in this field and can the rest of society learn and implement concrete steps to counter and eradicate racism, even if it is merely a little that is left in the sector?

This roundtable aims to (1) juxtapose South Africa’s race relations side-by-side with the vibrancy of our Sporting communities; (2) unpack the complex nature of race and racism in the sector; (3) engage with key drivers of positive change in this sector and attempts to address social racism, systemic, racialized inequality and (4) assess the transformation mandate pertaining to the sector at large.

When: Wednesday, 17 October 2018
Time: 5pm – 7:30pm
Where: IJR offices, 105 Hatfield street, Gardens, Cape Town

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