Book Launch – The Lone Wolves’ Legion: Terrorism, colonialism and capital By Peter Knoope

Book Launch – The Lone Wolves’ Legion: Terrorism, colonialism and capital By Peter Knoope

The Institution for Justice and Reconciliation in collaboration with Best Red cordially invites you to
the public book launch of Peter Knoope’s The Lone Wolves’ Legion: Terrorism, colonialism and

This event will take place on Thursday, 21 June 2018, between 17h00 and 19h00 at the Institution
for Justice and Reconciliation, 105 Hatfield Street, Gardens, Cape Town, South Africa.

Please RSVP to Stephen Buchanan-Clarke



Since 9/11, attacks designed to sow terror and discord within and between societies globally have increased significantly, both in their frequency and intensity. While national defense budgets and spending on counter-terrorism have continued to increase we have not seen a corresponding decrease in the spread of movements whom engage in the use of terrorism. To date, researchers routinely try to understand radicalization into violent extremism at a micro-level. Academics dig into the personal history, the background, the childhood, and the ‘trajectory of radicalisation’ taken by a given individual. However, perhaps this is the wrong approach. Forty to fifty thousand
individuals from around the world including Africa have joined ISIS in the Middle East. Many more feel attracted by Al Qaeda, Boko Haram, Al Shabaab and other extremist organisations. The explanation of this ‘legion of lone wolves’ requires a different, deeper, understanding of the attraction of the ideology that brings these people together. It is not a mere individual choice. It is a movement. Rooted in feelings of historic humiliation and exclusion. Rooted in strong perceptions of injustice and a search for identity and belonging.

In his book, The Lone Wolves’ Legion: Terrorism, colonialism and capital, Peter Knoope draws on decades of experience in the field of counter-terrorism to challenge some of the underlying assumptions at the heart of terrorism studies and counter-terrorism policy development.“In his examination of the relationship between the West and the rest of the world, the author turns many dearly held Western assumptions on their heads. Peter Knoope convincingly illuminates the fundamental differences by examining key concepts, such as existence, time, development and violence.”

• Bob de Graaf, Senior Lecturer in Intelligence and Security Studies at Utrecht University
“Highly recommended for anyone wanting to explore the notion of security.”
• Fulco van Deventor, founding member of the Human Security Collective

About the Author:
Since his departure as Director of the International Centre for Counter-Terrorism – The Hague in August 2014, Peter Knoope is remained an active Associate Fellow at ICCT. Until mid 2009, he was Deputy Director of the Policy and Strategy Department of the Dutch National Coordinator for CounterTerrorism (NCTb). The NCTb was established in 2005, following the terrorist attacks in Madrid of 11 March 2004 and the killing of Theo van Gogh in the Netherlands, and is responsible for the development and coordination of the government wide counterterrorism strategy in the Netherlands. He was involved in the development of the NCTb from its inception and was responsible for the coordination between the Dutch government’s national and international counter-terrorism policy. He is a career diplomat who has inter alia been posted as Head of Mission to Afghanistan. Prior to this posting, he headed the Humanitarian Aid section at the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs, where he was responsible for the Dutch response to foreign crisis situations. Before taking up his position at the Humanitarian Aid section, he was spokesperson for the Minister for Development Cooperation. He has also worked in development cooperation and research programmes in Tanzania, Cameroon and Senegal. Since 2017, Peter Knoope has been a Senior Research Fellow at the Institute for Justice and Reconciliation and University of Pretoria.



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