Imbizo on the scourge of Gender-based Violence in South Africa


On Thursday 24th August 2017, the IJR, in collaboration with Activate! South Africa and Africa Unite, held an Imbizo on the scourge of Gender-based Violence (GBV) in South Africa, and Africa at large. The Imbizo hosted civil society representatives from across the Western Cape, as well as other parts of the African continent. The discussion was centered around two guiding questions: What is your response towards addressing GBV in your own space, and how can we overcome silo thinking and working within the gender sector? Attendants were tasked with exploring these questions in smaller groups.  Within these discussions, it was unanimously stressed that gender is deeply intertwined with other socio-economic and political issues; solutions aimed at addressing socio-economic justice and political peace are incomplete without the inclusion of gender. There is a need to understand that because we are gendered beings, gender affects us all and in different ways; it is the responsibility of all to challenge gender stereotypes, norms, and imbalanced power relations. Some of the concerns highlighted in the breakaway discussions was the issue of having numerous NGOs working on gender, yet having little to small-scale impact. Attendees agreed that there is a need to be more critical of the language that we use when speaking on issues of gender and to interrogate the ways in which our language alienates or opens up spaces for honest engagements. There was an openness to co-learning and sharing of information, experience, and lessons learnt. At the end, attendants shared contact details and committed themselves to creating more spaces for healing and learning with the intention of maximizing collective impact.

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